Ivorymoon consists of myself, Sarah Hartwig, my husband, Shawn (aka the "dog spoiler") & our
pack of 4-6 mostly female Ridgebacks. 
We keep our numbers small as we do not & will not use kennels/outdoor runs.  Our dogs live with us in our home, on our couches & yes, even in our bed.

My life with Ridgebacks began in 1997 with puppy Dempsey.  Like most people that stumble into 'the dog world', I only wanted a 'pet quality' dog to bump around with & be my buddy.  I certainly didn't have time or money for dog shows or performance event competitions!

Well, fast forward a few years, Dempsey was certainly my buddy & we'd had lots of adventures together.  But she'd also earned multiple titles, national rankings and honors in the show ring  obedience & lure coursing.  Most proudly, Dempsey & I accomplished it all together - all "owner handled".

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Dempsey after 11 wonderful years.  However, all the lessons & priorities we learned from her & through her still live on with us today through multiple litters, numerous Champions and countless titles in a wide variety of venues.

*Ivorymoon enthusiastically supports & participates in multiple venues of RR competition to prove the temperament & correct structural health of our dogs.  Whether it's the show ring, obedience, rally obedience, agility, lure coursing or tracking; they ALL take mental AND physical well-being for a dog to succeed.

*As a professional dog trainer & owner/handler of our own dogs, our puppy owners can expect we will be available for support & guidance during ALL phases of growth, development & training challenges with their Ivorymoon Ridgeback. 

*Ivorymoon places a priority on temperament;
-beginning with our adult dogs, we carefully take into consideration health & temperament before even considering them for a breeding
-then the puppies that have neurological stimulation begun just a couples days after being born (sounds a bit crazy I know.  Click here to read how/why this IS so important.)
-and then standardized temperament testing on all our puppies by objective parties to ensure WE make the right match between puppy & potential home

*Ivorymoon places a priority on FULL health testing (beyond the minimum recommended by our parent breed club);
 -OFA Hip & Elbow Dysplasia
-Congenital Cardiac Disorders
-CERF testing for inheritable eye disorders
-Thyroid conditions
-Degenerative Myelopathy
-Inheritable Deafness

We are proud members of:
--Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US  
--Tulsa Sighthound Association 
--Association of Pet Dog Trainers  

Sarah has proudly served as a professional dog trainer at:
-our own dog training business in Edmond , OK The Profound Hound, LLC
-Nebraska Humane Society (Omaha, NE)
-WI Academy for Graduate Service Dogs ( Executive Director, Madison, WI)
-Mad City Dog Training (Madison, WI)
-The Dog Den (Madison, WI)