Ivorymoon Rhodesian Ridgebacks






Dempsey (1997-2008)

Dallas (2001-2012)

"Our girls" aka all female Ridgeback housemates, have been a never ending source of learning, adventure, amusement & snuggling!

1997 it all started with Dempsey

Dallas, Dempsey's daughter from her 1st & only litter, gave me a RR two-some in 2001

From different pedigree, Nona made our two-some a pack of three in 2004

 In 2008, Hershey was the first Nona daughter we kept from a litter

In 2009, we kept Sky from Nona's 2nd & last litter

In 2012 we welcomed Dezi, a daughter from Hershey's first litter, into our household ...

The adventures will continue, but the memories & lessons will always be present in the here & now.

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