Ivorymoon Rhodesian Ridgebacks


Ivorymoon Puppy Application

Each of our puppies' welfare is our foremost priority in considering their placement. The following questions are being asked of you in order to assist me in making the best possible placement choices for both our puppies, and our puppy owners.

Does everyone in your household want a dog?

Is anyone in your household allergic to dogs?

Preference of Puppy:

Sometimes a ridgeless puppy is born. It is of the same health & quality as the ridged siblings in its litter. Ridgelessness is a disqualification in the Ridgeback Standard. Therefore, ridgeless RR's are pet companions and cannot be shown in conformation, regular lure coursing competition, or be bred. They can however compete in obedience, agility, tracking and coursing ability tests.

If you are looking for a pet companion would you be interested in a ridgeless Ridgeback?

Are you interested in doing any of the following with a RR?

What are you looking for in a dog?

Do you rent or own your home?

What type of home do you live in?

Do you have a fenced backyard?

Early & extensive socialization is key in the development of any puppy. Are you willing to attend puppy socialization or puppy kindergarten class by puppy's 16 week birthday?

Are you also willing to attend an additional Basic Obedience or Family Dog Obedience type class before the dog is 1 year of age?

To ensure a well socialized adult dog, we suggest a puppy meet a minimum of 3 new people & 3 new places per week for the first 8 weeks you have the puppy. Are you willing to commit to that time & effort?

Are you aware of the challenging & negative qualities of Ridgebacks & that they are not the best breed choice for everyone?

All Ivorymoon puppies are sold with a legally binding contract. Contracts will be provided in advance and discussed in detail. Are you willing to sign a placement contract?

Are you considering breeding your RR?